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Test case for online purchasing…

Test Case/Scenario for online purchasing.

1)click the URL link for the online purchasing site.

2)Register if not registered before, Enter user name,login id and password, Click ‘OK’ button to submit.

3)Enter your login id and password,if you are a.

4)Validate the login id and password, if correct menu page will be opened.

5) If not correct,display the error message “invalid login id or password”Re-enter your login id and password.

6)Click the item field and select the item.

7)If available, display the cost and brand, else display ” item is unavailable”.

8)click ‘YES’ to do online purchasing for the item else click ‘NO’.

9)If ‘YES’ go to the payment type, else display the ‘EXIT’ page.

9a) Enter shipping address where all the fields are mandatory

9b)Enter billing address

9c) Enter message to be given to the consignee

9d) update shopping cart and proceed to payment

10)click the payment type options and select the mode of payment.

11)Fill the fields- account holder’s name, bank name, credit/debit card option, card detail, price to be paid, email id etc.

12) If invalid information is given, show error message ” please re-enter “

13)If black field is present, display message “all the fields are mandatory”.

14)Click “SUBMIT” button.

15)Display the successful submission message “successfully completed”.

16)Press ‘EXIT’ button.

17)Show the message ” successfully logged off”.